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International Patrons

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International Patrons

Carnival In Bermuda (CB) is just around the corner, we hope you’re ready for the weekend of your lives.

You and your friends simply cannot afford to miss out on this action and we at Party People Mas want to make sure that you have the most LIT experience ever.

Pricing Guidelines

  • Roundtrip flights range from $350 – $650 depending on your North American departure city.
  • For the best experience, the total cost of fetes from Friday to Monday will cost approximately $600
  • Party People Packages start at roughly $340
  • Accommodation varies from $350 – $700 per person (but this cost can vary based on your specific needs).
  • Drinks/Food: most events are not all-inclusive so drinks can range from $7 – $10 and a solid foundation meal will set you back $15 – $20
  • For the average international patron participating with Party People Mas, the total cost is roughly $2,250-$2,500. Not bad for a weekend you will never forget.

Covid-19 Regulations.

Please note, all travelers entering Bermuda by air from another country are required to complete a Travel Authorization (TA) form which can be submitted online. These details will be emailed to you upon booking your flight. As of today, Bermuda is open to visitors and travel guidelines can be found here:

This is subject to change and you will be required to comply with entry requirements on the date of travel. We do expect by June 2022 most, if not all Covid-19 regulations would be relaxed.