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1. What payment methods are in place for persons living abroad registering online?

Online payments can only be made via recognized credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, or American Express). All online payments require a 50% deposit to secure the section of choice by the scheduled due date. International Patrons can also send funds via Money Gram. Unfortunately Western Union is no longer established in Bermuda.

2. Is the band all-inclusive (e.g. drinks, food, etc…)?

Yes, the band is all-inclusive, which will include alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, a meal and a snack. (See package information details).

3. What is the band route?

We are currently in the process of determining the most suitable parade route.  We will inform patrons closer to the date of the location of the route.

4. Where can I register for the band?

We invite you to sign up on .  We also will provide the opportunity to register via cash at our pop up shops.  Dates and times will be provided through our social media channels.

5. I’ve purchased a costume from another masquerader … How do I transfer the costume to my name?

The original owner must provide the new owner with a signed letter authorizing the new owner to collect the costume on their behalf, accompanied by a copy of the original owner’s ID. Alternatively the original owner can send an authorization email to from the email address attached to their costume.

6. When do I collect my costume?

The costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all masqueraders, and also posted to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

7. I missed my collection date – what do I do?

You can collect your costume on any day after your designated date, however priority is given to persons collecting on their designated day.

8. Will Party People be offering a T-Shirt Package?

Yes, we will be offering a T-Shirt Package known as the Survivor Package. We will post on our social media pages once the package is available.

9. How do I make my final payment?

Patrons can go to their account/ click on Orders/  scroll down until you see your order number (click on it)/ on the top right there will be a box that says “Pay Remaining Balance,”  put in the amount that you wish to pay and click the “Pay Remaining Balance,” button.  This will then take you to the payment processing page to make payment.

10. What is the payment schedule and can I refund my order once paid?

We will be allowing minimum deposits for the first few months but 50% of your package must be paid by April 15th for costumes and by April 30th for the T-Shirt Packages, to secure your package. Once your deposit has been made there will be NO refunds. The remainder of the order must be paid by May 31st. If you do not pay by May 31st you will have the opportunity to pay via cash at costume distribution, however the speed at which you get your costume will be greatly affected.

If your package is not paid in full by Saturday June 15th, Pay People Entertainment has the right to sell your costume and keep your deposit. Once again, all payments are Non Refundable. Please also note you will be able to make as many payments to your order as possible, however each time you make a payment you will be charged a fee. E.g. if you pay for your package in full, you will be charged only one fee. If you make three payments to pay off your package you will be charged a fee each time.