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About Us

Party People Entertainment is the leading force behind Bermuda’s most creative and unique events.

Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to hosting exceptional products, and our journey has been nothing short of remarkable. We continually strive to push the boundaries of event planning and offer our valued patrons experiences they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

One of our most prominent contributions to Bermuda’s vibrant event scene is our involvement in Carnival, where we have left an indelible mark. Under the banner of Party People Mas, the vibezy band, we have consistently led the way, earning the distinction of being the most celebrated band in Carnival in Bermuda. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized with the most Band of the Year awards, making us the reigning champions in this category over the short period during which it was awarded.

As the world navigated the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Party People Entertainment continued to evolve and adapt. We proudly assumed the role of lead organizers for Carnival in Bermuda, post-pandemic, exemplifying our dedication to reviving and reinvigorating the event scene in our beautiful island nation.

At Party People Entertainment, we are more than just event organizers; we are creators of experiences, purveyors of unparalleled joy, and the heartbeat of Bermuda’s party scene.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, and community spirit, we invite you to join us on our journey to create memories that last a lifetime.